Parents Are People Too—March Musings

IMG_6586I walked down a very long path this morning that is flanked on one side by Hawthorne bushes (I’m sorry, flanked is such an ugly word). The bushes grew into each other and each looked the same until I got to the very last one. It was in bloom. Glorious all by itself.

I couldn’t help but think of my daughter. One of my hopes for her is that she blooms no matter who she’s planted beside or what the people around her are doing. Now that she’s a few months into 3, she’s doing some funny things, and I wanted to share them in what I can only call “Parents Are People Too”. I hope I can make this a recurring-type post. So here we go…

1)We took her to her first dental appointment, and the dentist (of course) said to limit juice, because the sugar contributes to cavities. No problem. Except that she loves juice with a passion. Next instruction: start using a fluoride toothpaste and graduate from that training gel junk she likes to eat. Got it, check. Except that she hates everything I’ve bought to replace the training gel. Last piece of advice: make sure we brush in the morning and not just at night. Sure thing. I’ll bring a toothbrush to daycare with me, since I put her in the car straight out of bed (in her pjs, tutu, watershoes, tiara and whatever else she wore to sleep in). On our first morning embarking on these good dental practices, I brought the toothbrush and the fluoride toothpaste that she had picked out. I told her what the dentist had said three times to prepare her mind on the way over, and she seemed fine with it. Then, the toothbrush goes into the mouth and she FREAKS OUT. I don’t lie, people—she was going crazy. Left with few options and aware that every eye was on us, I realized I would either have to skip the morning brushing, or else rinse off the heinous princess paste and brush with nothing. I look around the car—I have nothing but…(sigh) apple juice. So yes, friends, I rinsed her toothbrush in apple juice and brushed them with sugar.

2)One night I was waiting for her to finish peeing and she did something she’s never done before (don’t you love all the firsts?). She reached up and brushed something off my nose (I refuse to believe it was a boogar). What? My girl is taking care of me for a change? She will be the daughter that doesn’t let her mom go out in public with lipstick on her teeth! I couldn’t believe how big and mature she was getting, and was really patting myself on the back for all my good parenting. Then she grabbed an environmentally appropriate wad of toilet paper (maybe that’s a stretch), wipes her wet bottom, then uses the same TP to wipe her face. Yes, the pee-pee toilet paper. Fail.

3)I asked her the other day if she wanted some pizza (have I said before that she’s the pickiest girl in the world?). She said, “No, because it’s made with vegetables.” Hmmmmmmm score. One point for mamma. Yes, this cheese pizza is made with vegetables. Go back to your applesauce and leave it all with me.

4)Speaking of food, she was poking holes in her hot dog (nitrate-free, don’t be shocked). I asked her why she was doing that, and she said, “I’m making polka dots so it feels good in my mouth.”

5)My husband said to her one day, “Hey, let’s go play some soccer outside.” She responded, “Ok, and we can pretend like we’re boys.” One point for her.